Elections - National Conference 2024


You can find more information on elections during NUS Conference season 2024 on this page.


Full Time-Time Officer Elections

New officers have been elected by NUS Conference Reps. Click here to see all of the NUS UK FTOs elected (announced 12th April).


Volunteer Elections

Nominations are in and we can reveal the candidates for volunteer elections at National Conference.

Voting in these elections opened at the end of NUS National Conference and will close at 12pm on Wednesday, 24th April. NUS National Conference Reps will be able to vote in these elections.


Nominations for Democratic Procedures Committee

The proposals are for the individual steering committees to be replaced with a single Democratic Procedures Committee made up of representatives from each nation and the liberation conference. The members elected by a particular conference would have responsibility for steering their conference. Therefore the new roles are analogous to the current roles, it is just the number of positions reducing. Therefore nominations will open and close as normal and the number of positions elected will be modified based on the outcome of reform decisions.

Steering committees are elected on two year terms and there are some incumbent members elected in 2023 who would continue in their term of office. Some of the committees are holding vacancies impacting on the number of new positions to fill. In some spaces there are enough incumbent members to fill the proposed new committee.

Therefore the Returning Officer will open the nominations as normal and close these on day one of the relevant conference. The election will then proceed alongside policy voting after conference. The count will take place after NUS' company law meeting. In spaces where there are positions to fill, a provisional result may be announced to candidates.


No of returning members in post to June 2025

Total seats to fill (current rules)

No. of positions to be elected 2024 (current rules)

Total seats to fill (proposed new rules)

No. of positions to be elected 2024 (proposed new rules)

Democratic Procedures Committee







Nominations for National Scrutiny Council:

This committee will no longer exist from 1 July 2024 under the proposed new articles. Therefore, the DRO will open the nominations as normal and close these on day one of National Conference. The elections will then proceed alongside policy voting after conference. The count will not take place until after the company law meeting has taken place.

If the proposals for reform are passed, the count will not take place. If the proposals for reform do not pass, the count will take place and candidates will be informed of the results.

In all cases candidates will be kept informed. Any potential candidate for this election should be mindful of the possibility the committee will not be in existence. The DRO recommends that NUS considers how to engage these students who are interested in campaigning, scrutiny and oversight of NUS’ work. If there is no committee in existence, consider other ways these students can get involved.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Nominate yourself for a Volunteer role here

You can view the current full elections rules here.


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