I weld y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg, cliciwch yma.

There will be a UK General Election by January 2025.


Why does this matter to students? Our future will be built by the students and young people of today. But only if they Turn Up and make their vote count at elections.

When politicians make decisions, they look at who is on the electoral register and who votes. So it is crucial that all young people and students are registered to vote.

There are new barriers that will make it harder for students and young people to vote. It is now illegal for unis and colleges to block register students, and all voters will have to show a physical photo ID when they vote.

So NUS UK, British Youth Council, Generation Rent and Democracy Classroom have teamed up to launch Turn Up, the UK’s biggest youth and student voter registration campaign ever. Check out our resources by clicking the buttons below.


What you can do to get ready to Turn Up and vote


Campaign partners

We want Turn Up to be the biggest student and youth voter registration campaign ever, so we're partnering with organisations to help spread the word!

British Youth Council


Generation Rent

Democracy Classroom


NUS Charity


If you're interested in partnering with NUS UK on the Turn Up campaign, email [email protected].