Giving FAQ

You can find answers to our more Frequently Asked Questions here, but if you do have any further questions, please contact us here

The Students Urgent Action Fund is a giving scheme for members of the public to donate directly to campaigns run by NUS UK to increase the resource and activity behind them to continue to campaign for students. The funds will only be used for campaigning to prevent further erosion of student opportunities, and for a better future for students.

The Supporters Circle is for those who wish and are able to give regularly to NUS UK. Ongoing donations mean that NUS can dedicate our time to our campaigning work to improve opportunities for students. Regular donations can be stopped at any time, and no member of the Supporters Circle is obliged to keep giving.

As part of extending our campaigning work, and our ongoing commitment to members to keep membership contribution fees low, NUS UK and NUS Charity are opening donations to an Students Urgent Action Fund and enabling the public to join an NUS Supporters Circle. This will help us increase value and impact for our members, and has been developed in light of the information that 78% of students give to charity and the growing public support for NUS campaigns.

No, the scheme is expected to operate organically, using the existing infrastructure. It has been designed to ensure that no additional human or other resource is required further to the existing team – this is so that nothing within this scheme can dilute the impact from each donation. The shared infrastructure in NUS UK will ensure the delivery, and if the scheme grows very large, this may be reviewed, but campaigning effectiveness is at the heart of the Students’ Urgent Action Fund.

It’s easy to give to the Students Urgent Action Fund, or join the Supporters Circle at

The Students Urgent Action fund is a giving scheme, and maximising the impact of each donation is at the heart of the scheme, so there are no physical rewards for giving. However, all donors will receive regular impact reports and campaign packs. Those who choose to join the Supporters Circle will additionally have the opportunity to claim a free exclusive pin badge.

Reasons for giving are varied, and anyone can donate to the Students Urgent Action Fund. We have created a supporters promise, outlining our commitment to ensuring all donations go directly to our campaigns, but also highlighting that we will review donations quarterly, and any donations made with malicious or mischievous intent may be returned.

Money will be spent directly on campaigning and released to each campaign quarterly, following a review and spending decisions made by our officers.

Like many unions, NUS UK is not a charity, so donations to NUS UK are not eligible for GiftAid. NUS Charity is able to claim GiftAid on donations, however the Students Urgent Action Fund is for campaigning for students, and any money to the NUS Charity could not be used in this way, although it’s something that NUS will explore in the future.