Accountability - National Conference 2024


Accountability at NUS National Conference 2024

At National Conference, Reps will have the opportunity to scrutinise the work of people elected to roles within NUS UK. This is an important part of NUS UK's democratic structures, and we encourage all Reps to take the opportunity to engage in accountability at Conference.


Accountability Reports

On Day 2 of National Conference, from 9:30am, there will be a chance to scrutinise the work of Democratic Procedures Committee (DPC), National Scrutiny Council (NSC), the NUS UK Board, and the Returning Officer.

You can find accountability reports for each below:

See also NUS UK's Impact Report 2022-23

You can find all of the reports in this folder

We advise that Reps read these reports, as well as the Agenda and Policies submitted to Conference, before arriving in Blackpool to make the very most of your time.


Full-time Officer Accountability - submit questions by 1:45pm on Day 1 of Conference

Officer accountability will happen on Day 1 of NUS National Conference - check out the full Agenda here.

National Conference Reps can submit questions for consideration by the end of lunch (1:45pm) on Day 1 of Conference. Use this form to submit questions. Submitted questions will be considered by the Democratic Procedures Committee who will select the questions.

You can see the minutes from all the accountability surgeries from the past year here.



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