Beyond Borders: Equality at Work for International Students

International students face a 20-hour weekly limit on their working hours. This does not apply to home students. International students also do not have the right to self-employment, especially impacting those who seek careers in the arts or as entrepreneurs. Sign to show that you stand with international students nationwide, and urge policymakers to acknowledge these disparities and work towards abolishing them.

Equality at Work For International Students

You'll need photo ID at the next Election - get a FREE CitizenCard using code 'NUS' - normally £15!

An election is coming up, and thousands of young people still don’t have a valid ID to vote. Join the movement fighting back and get £15 off a CitizenCard ID.

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Get your FREE Voter ID

Dear Rishi Sunak: Stop making it harder for young people to vote

Rishi Sunak has made it illegal for universities to block register students on the electoral roll. And he introduced new ID laws – which he was warned would hit young people hardest. With a general election set to happen in the next year, we won’t let anything stop young people from having their say.

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Voter ID Open Letter

Protect Student Tenants’ Rights in the Renters' Reform Bill

The Renters' Reform Bill has been introduced in Parliament, but landlords are lobbying for students to be exempt from parts of the Bill – including the right for tenants to give two-month notice periods. This petition urges the Government not to give in to pressure from landlords and protect student tenants' rights!

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Protect Student Tenants’ Rights

Add Student and Young Person's ID Cards to Voter ID in Elections

You will now need to show a physical photo ID to vote in elections. Yet student IDs or young person's travel cards are not accepted. Sign the petition for them to be included and share with your friends. - FREE photo ID from Citizen Card with code 'NUS' - Find out more about Photo ID- Here's a list of all accepted Photo ID at elections - Register to Vote - Find out more about May's Local Elections

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Student ID should be Voter ID

Free Transport for Students

A 2023 NUS survey of more than 3,500 students found that 32% have skipped meals and 1 in 5 have missed classes due to the cost of travel. Sign the petition and join the campaign for free transport for students and apprentices across the UK.

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Free Transport for Students

Cost of Living Campaign

Sign up and call on the UK government to develop a tailored cost of living support package for students!

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Cost of Living Campaign