Policy - National Conference 2024


You can read all of the policy submissions and supporting information for National Conference here. These are live documents and throughout Conference you will see notes being written up as well as the drafting of the final policies for voting on.


Priority Ballot Results - Policies to be discussed at Conference

Following voting by Lead Reps in the Priority Ballot, the following policies will be discussed at National Conference in Blackpool on Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th April:


Reserved Policy Slots

As well as the three policies above, there are also two reserved slots for policy discussion at National Conference:


The policy on reform to NUS democracy and organising will be discussed because National Conference 2023 passed a policy giving a mandate to explore such reforms.

The Democratic Procedures Committee also decided to reserve one slot for a policy submitted by Further Education members due to persistent issues with FE policies not being discussed at Conference. Therefore the policy proposed on Increased FE representation in NUS will also be discussed.

The five policies listed above will each have a dedicated workshop space at Conference, where they will be discussed further and shaped into final policies.

The following policies were not prioritised in the Priority Ballot and will be sent to the NUS officer team to consider how NUS can take the work forward.

You can view all the policies and additional information submitted by proposers in this folder. If you have any questions about the results of the Priority Ballot or how policy discussions will work at Conference, please email [email protected].


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