The power of our movement 

The past year has shown us exactly why a strong, united, and unstoppable student movement is so important. Through the pandemic, we have seen students under attack. We’re losing huge sums of money in rent, tuition fees, and rising unemployment. Alongside COVID impacting our physical health, we’re suffering from a student mental health crisis. Through it all our movement has consistently stepped up to support those students most affected. The need to work together to defend students and the world we are a part of has never been more urgent. 
Students created students’ unions to harness local collective power, and a national union to build national collective power. We win for students by working together.
During this pandemic alone, we have; 
•    Put £500m in students’ pockets by securing an early release from tenancies last year  

•    Forced the government to make over £174m available for students facing financial hardship 

•    Made the government, Competition and Markets Authority, and Office for Students concede that students not receiving adequate education are eligible for refunds or re-dos 

•    Campaigned with students to secure an unprecedented 4-nation U-turn on A-level, GCSE, and BTEC grading  

•    Secured rent refunds for students in locked down accommodation

•    Made the government state that no university should seek to profit from students self-isolating with extortionate prices for food parcels. 

•    Got the government to get mass testing in place that got students home for Christmas.  

NUS - Transforming education and society for 100 years 


As NUS approaches its 100th year, history shows that it is students who find the solutions to society’s challenges.
Whether it’s universal healthcare or Apartheid, LGBT+ and women's rights NUS and our members led the charge then and we’ve never stopped.  
•    We got student railcards introduced and then extended to 16–17-year olds 

•    We’re the reason students don’t have to pay council tax 

•    We proved in court that the government wrongly deported 48,000 international students 

•    We got postgraduate loans introduced and then we got the age caps removed 
Guided by our core principles of equality, democracy, and collectivism we need a powerful, vibrant, and unapologetically bold student movement to take on the challenges of today

Say 'Yes to NUS' and work with us to;

•    Force the government to concede that Students Deserve Better 

•    Win a student support package so students can afford to stay in education 

•    Deliver a New Vision for Education that is free, accessible, and life-long  

•    Decolonise Education and build a truly liberated society

By staying with NUS UK, you and your officers will be able to:

•    Make change happen on the issue’s students care about and want to be different in education and our wider society

•    Shape, influence, take part in, support and hold to account our national and nation specific campaigns

•    Elect, work with and hold to account the Full-time officer (FTO) executive team

•    Attend, participate and vote in NUS conferences and events.
Being a member of NUS is all about collectivism.  The more of us fighting the challenges, the more of an impact we can have!