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Students, apprentices and young people are among the most exploited in the workplace, and have the most to gain from knowing their rights.


That's why NUS is partnering with Organise Now to help students tackle the realities of horrible bosses, poor pay and precarious jobs!


Get support in work with Organise Now

Organise Now is a worker-to-worker organising support project.

They help workers connect with more experienced reps and organisers.

How does it work?

1. Go to

2. Complete the worker support form

3. In 72 hours you'll get a call from one of their volunteer organisers!

Sign up with Organise now today and let's get organised!


NUS is campaigning for a better deal for students who work

Students and young people are among the most exploited in the workplace, and more students are having to work due to the cost-of-living crisis.

Meanwhile, apprentices are the lowest paid workers in the UK on a minimum wage of just £6.40 an hour.

You can get involved by supporting our campaigns. We're calling for all apprentices to get at least the Living Wage, and for international students to be have equality at work.

Further Advice and Support

If you need help with any issues in your workplace, organisations across the UK are working to provide advice and support.

Just click on the logos below to find out more about the work of these organisations.