Cost of Living Campaign

The cost of living crisis is pushing students to the brink.

Sign up and call on the UK government to develop a tailored cost of living support package for students!

A survey of 6,600 students and apprentices has found that 96% of students are cutting back on spending, and more than a quarter are left with just £50 a month after paying rent and bills. 

Student accommodation prices have increased by 61% in the last decade; inflation is running at 9% with energy prices and the cost of the weekly shop soaring.

We’re also facing a cost of learning crisis, with 68% of students no longer able to afford course materials.

Students are reaching breaking point. 92% of students say this is affecting their mental health, but only 1 in 5 has had government help. 

That’s why NUS is calling for a tailored student cost of living support package right now, and for governments across the UK to raise the student maintenance package and apprentice minimum wage in line with the Living Wage.

The government announced £15 million extra for hardship funding in universities to help students with the cost of living.

But there's so much more that they can do. Our Spring Budget submission makes five key recommendations to the Government:

  1. Rent Controls - Average student rent is rising higher than house prices in the UK, while the average maintenance loan for an English student does not cover the average rent.
  2. Free Transport - 51% of students are cutting back on transport costs. That's more than half of students and apprentices travelling to classes less because they just can’t afford it.
  3. Pay apprentices the Living Wage - The Apprentice Minimum Wage is a shocking £4.81 an hour. Next month it will rise to £5.28 - a below-inflation increase of 9.7%, equating to a real-terms pay cut.
  4. Increase maintenance loans with inflation - The Government is persisting with the use of out-of-date data, which will leave students up to £1,500 worse off next year. Going forward, loans must be tied to inflation.
  5. Additional grants or subsidies - The cost of rent, food, transport and more is so much greater than last year. Thousands of students are struggling right now, and they need more immediate help.


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