Break the cycle of crisis: reform the student funding system

The cost-of-living crisis is pushing students and apprentices to the brink.

65% of us are cutting back on food; in England maintenance loans are leaving most of us with 50p after paying rent; and apprentices live off a minimum wage of £5.28.

The Manifesto for our Future, backed by 10,000 students and apprentices, sets out how the next government can end the student cost-of-living crisis in its first 100 days:

  • Uprate maintenance loans in line with inflation, backdated to June 2022
  • Living Wage for apprentices, maintenance funding for postgraduate taught students, and Living Stipends for postgraduate research students
  • Extend Universal Credit eligibility to all students and apprentices
  • Ensure that 35% of all student bed spaces are affordable, with rents related to average student income

Sign the petition and support NUS' calls to end the cost-of-living crisis for students and apprentices!

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