For our Future: Reform to NUS democracy and organising

We’re building a NUS for our future!

Click here for all documents and policy motions on reform to NUS democracy and organising

Following our consultation with students’ unions we’re bringing a package of reforms back to members to vote on at conferences. These reforms have been designed to strengthen how members engage with and shape the work of your national union and empower different nations and liberation groups to determine their own ways of working.

  • Separate ‘England’ and ‘UK’
  • Create flexible membership structures with more engagement opportunities for both students’ unions and students directly
  • Invest in international student representation
  • Set up the Liberation Collective to have a formal link to NUS

Across NUS-USI, NUS Wales, NUS Scotland and Liberation Conferences, members will be discussing and voting on how reforms can deliver autonomy and effectiveness for your own members, with a deciding vote to adopt the new rules taking place at National Conference – the final conference.

All the reform documents are available here, including motions for each Conference and the new Articles of Association


Reforms explained

Click here for a PowerPoint with more information on the Reforms.



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Policies for each Conference

The following policy papers have been submitted for discussion at NUS conferences: