Sign the petition to demand a new guidance for schools and colleges that doesn't put trans and nonbinary young people at risk

The Government’s draft guidance on “gender questioning children” for schools and colleges launched in December 2023. It will affect many trans and nonbinary students in Further Education if it is implemented.  

The language used in the document, as well as many of its recommendations, have been labelled as “out of touch” and “unworkable” by trans rights organisations such as Mermaids and Gendered Intelligence.  Several sector bodies and unions have also expressed their concerns about the applicability of the guide and many charities, human rights organisations and education practitioners have called for the guidance to be scrapped.    

Since trans and non-binary young people were not involved in the creation of this guidance, even though they will be directly affected by it, we gathered their opinions and experiences and created our official response to it.   

Based on their own experiences as trans and nonbinary people, students and apprentices don’t consider the guidance to be beneficial to the wellbeing and dignity of young people and are seriously worried about the consequences its application could bring.    

There is a real risk of this guidance being harmful for the individuals it claims to support. Our students were very clear about the potential consequences of condoning misgendering, deadnaming and other ways of curtailing children's rights to develop and express their identities in a safe environment.  

Now, we want to take action by demanding Education Secretary, Gillian Keegan and Minister for Women and Equalities, Kemi Badenoch to withdraw this draft guidance and create a new one that centres young trans and nonbinary experiences by including them, as well as the staff that will be implementing it. 

Sign the petition to demand a new guidance for schools and colleges that actually supports trans and nonbinary young people instead of putting them at risk.

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