You'll need photo ID at the General Election - get a FREE CitizenCard today!

The deadline to apply for a FREE CitizenCard in time for the General Election has now passed. You can still apply for a free ID, but you will have to pay £17 to make sure it arrives in time for 4th July.

Voter ID laws are a new barrier to students and young people voting in elections.

Join the movement fighting back and sign up to get a FREE ID from CitizenCard - normally £18!

Young people are most at risk from being turned away for not having the right ID. But we won’t let anything stop us from having our say – there’s too much at stake.

Are you ready to stand up for young people’s right to vote, and speak out on the issues they face? Get your FREE CitizenCard that you can use at the polling booth in England, Wales and Scotland*. Sign up to get your link to your FREE ID card today - code 'NUS' will be automatically applied at checkout.

*CitizenCard is not accepted as a form of voter ID in Northern Ireland – but you can still use it for other uses such as proof of age.


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