Free Transport for Students

Half of UK students and apprentices use public or personal transport to get to their place of study, but the cost of fares and petrol has become increasingly prohibitive. 

A 2023 NUS survey of more than 3,500 students found that 32% have skipped meals and 1 in 5 have missed classes due to the cost of travel. 

As always, it’s the students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are being hit the hardest, missing out on vital teaching time, harming their grades and limiting their opportunities. 

Sign the petition and join the campaign for free transport for students and apprentices across the UK. 

You can also use our simple tool to write to your MP to tell them about the impact of travel costs on students - it takes less than 5 minutes!

The NUS Travel Costs Survey, published in May 2023, found that for 46% of students, the cost of travel takes up a quarter of their weekly budget.

Almost 70% of students who travel spend more than £10 a week getting to their place of study, including 1 in 10 who are spending over £50. 

And with 51% of students cutting back on transport costs due to the cost-of-living crisis, it is clear that public transport has become inaccessible to a huge amount of learners. 

This campaign demands free and safe public transport for all students and apprentices across the UK. 

We are calling on all students and apprentices to get involved, sign the petition, share it and help us organise locally and nationally to secure this win. To do this effectively, we have designed a transport toolkit that will help you tailor this campaign to your local needs, complete with resources and all that you would need! 

12770 signed so far. Help us get to 20000!

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