I weld y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg, cliciwch yma.

The Turn Up Campaign has three strands of work


  • Registering students en masse through uni/college enrolment and with a nation-wide digital campaign.
  • Ensuring every student has a voter ID and that any student without one can get one for free. 
  • Empowering voters by raising their voices and informing their choices.  

Under each strand there are simple practical things that NUS, Unis, Colleges, Students’ Unions, Students, and Politicians can do. They are listed below, along with resources that all our supporters can use.  


For Students and Supporters


Social Media - Editable Turn Up Campaign Canva Templates


Resources for Students’ Unions affiliated to NUS


More you can do to get ready to Turn Up


Campaign partners

We want Turn Up to be the biggest student and youth voter registration campaign ever, so we're partnering with organisations to help spread the word!

British Youth Council


Generation Rent

Democracy Classroom


NUS Charity


If you're interested in partnering with NUS UK on the Turn Up campaign, email [email protected].