When would the reforms be implemented?

The full package of reforms will be taken to members to vote on over our conference season this spring (March-April) and then to our members meeting in June. After that we would begin the work of implementing them, which would be phased and culminating in the next election cycle in 2026 where NUS England FTOs would be elected and eventually take up office on 1 July 2026. Over this next two-year period we’d be developing the membership structures within each nation and in liberation that work best for their own context, testing new democratic and engagement processes with members, and bringing in new ways of working that enable us to operate as a newly reformed NUS UK. This will be detailed in our transitional arrangements (to be published in March 2024).  

The reforms that have been proposed would simplify this process in the future so that Reps at conferences would decide on the democratic reforms and the company law meeting on corporate reforms, enabling us to be more agile and responsive to the needs of each.