Liberation Collective

We are creating a new structure for Liberation and we need you to make it happen.

In the next months you can get involved in different ways to make sure the new Liberation Collective reflects what activists do and want to achieve.


Since reform in 2019 we’ve been working on how to move Liberation forward and find the best structure for our liberation groups (women, LGBT+, Black*, trans and disabled students). Through a consultation with SU leaders and liberation activists in 2022 we set a few principles for the future of NUS Liberation.


  • Membership: any self-identifying student can join and meaningfully participate without having to go through elections.
  • Collective care practice: students have the resources and training to make decisions together while prioritising wellbeing, personal liberation and healing from oppression.
  • Decentralised resources and decision-making: the means to campaign and build power are distributed and shared across the student liberation movement.
  • Recognised labour: paid Student Organisers to build and support the Collective.


To ensure the outcome is truly representative of liberation groups, participatory research will be conducted to develop and pilot a model of collective practice by March 2024.

Then we will bring a proposal for a new Liberation structure to the NUS conferences in April 2024, which will enable coherent and impactful campaigns, network building and organising for students from liberation groups.

You can get involved in any of the stages by telling us about your liberation group, joining a workshop in your area or online, or inviting us to hold a workshop revelant to your group. 

Get involved

1. Sign up for email updates to stay up to date with the Collective


2. Answer a quick survey to help us understand how liberation groups work


3.  Join or help organise a workshop online or in your area


If you want to know more, you can contact Nehaal, VP Liberation and Equality, or Camilo, Liberation Collective Project Manager