Workshops - Liberation Conference 2024


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Policy workshops

Policy development workshops: Spaces to understand the policy and different perspectives on the issue and possible solutions, which will shape the final policy that will be debates and voted on.

Next steps: Spaces to generate ideas for what actions different parts of the movement could take on the policy issue.

Policy clinic: An opportunity to seek clarification on the published policies before the debate, and bring the understanding between those that attended the policy development workshop and those engaging with the policy for the first time up to a similar level.

Liberation Collective and Reform update: If you haven’t been to a pre-conference briefing or the Liberation Collective policy workshop, this is opportunity to learn more about the proposed reforms and ask any questions you may have.


Agenda items and Workshops on Israel and Palestine

Panel discussion: Centering our humanity: fighting back against antisemitism and Islamophobia on our campuses

Since October 7th there has been an unprecedented rise in antisemitism and Islamophobia across the UK – including verbal and physical abuse. The majority of reported incidents in this period are connected in some way to the violence in Israel and Gaza – often with Jewish people being blamed for actions of the Israeli Government and Muslim people blamed for actions of Hamas. We’ll hear about what it’s been like for Muslims and Jews, what’s been happening in schools, colleges and unis across the UK, and, crucially, what we can do as students’ unions, activists, and leaders to fight back against this destructive hate.


Campaigns workshops

Caucuses: Networking and community building spaces reserved for those that self-define into each liberation group to discuss collectively.

National voter registration drive: Let’s TURN UP in the General Election: in this workshop, we will run a huge voter registration drive for the local and general elections!

Liberation to the front in the General Election: In this world cafe style workshop, drop in to create winning campaign content, mobilise your students and lobby your MP!

VP Liberation open space: An informal space to chat to NUS VP Liberation and Equality about their work and ask any questions you may have.


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