Policy - Liberation Conference 2024


Priority Ballot Results - Policies to be discussed at Conference

Following voting by Lead Reps in the Priority Ballot, the following policies will be discussed at Liberation Conference in Blackpool on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th April:


Reserved Policy Slot

As well as the three policies above, there is also one reserved slot for policy discussion at Liberation Conference:

This policy will be discussed because Liberation Conference 2022 passed a policy giving a mandate to explore the creation of a Liberation Collective. Click here for all documents and policy motions on reform to NUS democracy and organising.

The four policies listed above will each have a dedicated workshop space at Conference, where they will be discussed further and shaped into final policies.

For proposers whose policies did not pass the Priority Ballot, Steering Committee are considering how the following policies could be used to inform and guide discussions taking place at the caucuses at Conference:

You can view all the policies, information regarding the priority ballot, and additional information submitted by proposers in this folder. If you have any questions about the results of the Priority Ballot or how policy discussions will work at Conference, please email [email protected].


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