The Scottish National Party (SNP) published its General Election Manifesto, 'A Future Made in Scotland' on Wednesday 19th June.

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This is what it says about the issues that students, apprentices and young people care about.

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What the Manifesto says on...


Universities and Student Funding

  • Defend free tuition for students from Scotland who go to Scottish universities
  • Prioritise research and investment in AI

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Colleges, Apprenticeships and Skills

  • No policies – the Scottish Government makes decisions on this area rather than the UK Government

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International Students and Migration

  • Give Scotland the powers to make decisions on immigration
  • Give migrants access to public funds such as student support and benefits
  • Scrap the Rwanda scheme and support asylum seekers

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The Cost of Living, Pay and Benefits

  • Independence for Scotland so it can set its own priorities, including on the cost of living
  • Increase the minimum wage to at least the national living wage
  • ‘Essentials guarantee’ so everyone can afford basics such as food and utilities
  • Scrap the two-child benefit cap and bedroom tax

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The NHS, Health and Wellbeing

  • Oppose NHS privatisation
  • Boost NHS spending by a minimum of £10bn a year
  • Increase investment in NHS England staff to meet Scotland’s NHS pay deals
  • Decriminalise drugs and introduce supervised drug consumption facilities

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Housing and Renting

  • Help to buy ISA scheme for first-time buyers
  • Make sure rental costs are taken into account when setting housing benefits
  • Deliver more social housing
  • Encourage investment in house building

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Climate and Energy

  • Make decisions on oil and gas extractions according climate obligations
  • Support North Sea oil and gas workers as part of the transition to green energy
  • No new nuclear power plants in Scotland
  • Ban new coal licences

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Rights, Equality and Liberation

  • Review UK law to ensure abortion is treated primarily as a healthcare matter
  • Advance and champion LGBTI rights
  • Stay in the European Convention on Human Rights

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Society, Democracy and Young People

  • Rejoin the EU as an independent Scotland
  • Votes for 16- and 17-year-olds in all elections and scrap voter ID
  • Give anyone who lives in the UK legally the right to vote regardless of nationality
  • Change how MPs are elected and abolish the House of Lords

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Workers' Rights and Employment

  • Ban exploitative zero-hours contracts
  • Ban fire and rehire practices
  • Amend the definition of ‘worker’ to strengthen protections
  • Protect the right to strike and scrap anti-strike laws

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