The Conservative Party published its General Election Manifesto, 'Clear Plan. Bold Action. Secure Future.' on Tuesday 11th June.

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This is what it says about the issues that students, apprentices and young people care about.

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What the Manifesto says on...


Universities and Student Funding

  • Close ‘poor-quality’ university courses
  • Make sure students get the contact hours they are promised and their exams get marked
  • Spend £2bn more a year on research and development

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Colleges, Apprenticeships and Skills

  • Fund 100,000 new apprenticeships by cutting ‘low quality’ university degrees
  • Loans worth up to four years of education and training for all adults
  • Expand ‘Skills Bootcamps’ flexible training courses for adults aged 19 and over

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International Students and Migration

  • Make international students pay more for visas and to use the NHS
  • Reduce migration by introducing a legal cap
  • Remove illegal migrants to Rwanda until small boat crossings are stopped

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The Cost of Living, Pay and Benefits

  • Keep the minimum wage how it is currently set
  • Cut National Insurance by 2%, with no increase to income tax or VAT
  • Maintain the price cap on energy bills and extend £2 bus fares for five years
  • Reduce spending on disability and health-related benefits by £12bn

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The NHS, Health and Wellbeing

  • Increase NHS spending above inflation every year
  • 92,000 more nurses and 28,000 more doctors
  • Increase the expansion of NHS talking therapies for anxiety and depression by 50%
  • Increase employment support for people with severe mental illness by 140,000 places

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Housing and Renting

  • Stop landlords being able to evict you through no fault of your own
  • Abolish stamp duty (tax you pay when you buy property or land) for homes up to £425,000 for first-time buyers
  • Introduce a new ‘Help to Buy’ loan scheme
  • Strengthen landlords’ right to evict on the grounds of antisocial behaviour

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Climate and Energy

  • Net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and treble offshore wind capacity
  • Continue extracting North Sea oil and gas, allowing companies to apply each year
  • £1.1bn to ensure the transition to clean energy is made in the UK
  • Scale up nuclear power

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Rights, Equality and Liberation

  • Clarify that sex means ‘biological sex’ in the Equality Act
  • Prevent the private prescription of medicines that stop puberty from happening
  • Expand the number of women’s health hubs
  • Introduce controls on ‘Equality, Diversity and Inclusion’ initiatives and spending

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Society, Democracy and Young People

  • Mandatory National Service for all school leavers at 18, with a choice between military and civic service
  • Early support hubs for 11- to 25-year-olds in every community by 2030
  • Keep voter ID and ensure veterans ID cards are valid voter ID

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Workers' Rights and Employment

  • Make sure trade union workers in certain services continue to have to provide a minimum level of service during strike action

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