The Scottish Green Party published its General Election Manifesto, 'Vote Like our Future Depends on it' on Thursday 20th June.

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This is what it says about the issues that students, apprentices and young people care about.

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What the Manifesto says on...


Universities and Student Funding

  • Visa scheme for Palestinian students and academics to come to the UK
  • Support universities to train workers in future skills

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Colleges, Apprenticeships and Skills

  • Support colleges to train workers in skills that will be important for the future

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International Students and Migration

  • Scrap income requirement for spousal / partner visas
  • Scrap the Rwanda scheme and laws that target the right to claim asylum
  • Increase benefits, employment and training support for asylum seekers

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The Cost of Living, Pay and Benefits

  • Real living wage for all, regardless of age, which would rise with inflation
  • Cap the price of food essentials when prices are rising fastest
  • Separate electricity and gas prices to bring down energy costs
  • Allow Scotland to run a universal basic income trial
  • Scrap the two-child benefit cap and bedroom tax

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The NHS, Health and Wellbeing

  • Ban trade deals with countries that would impact people’s access to healthcare, open the NHS up to privatisation or impact public health initiatives
  • Decriminalise the possession of drugs and introduce safe drug consumption facilities

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Housing and Renting

  • Rent controls as part of trial of universal basic income

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Climate and Energy

  • Revoke existing oil and gas licences and prohibit new ones
  • Stop giving fossil fuel companies funding and tax breaks, and stop investing public sector pensions in fossil fuel companies
  • Return the National Grid to public ownership
  • End support for new nuclear power stations

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Rights, Equality and Liberation

  • Oppose changes to the Equality Act on redefining sex as ‘biological sex’
  • Reform the Equality and Human Rights Commission
  • Extend the scope of the Equality Act to add menstruation, menopause and perimenopause to list of protected characteristics

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Society, Democracy and Young People

  • Votes for 16- and 17-year-olds in all elections and scrap voter ID
  • Give anyone who lives in the UK legally the right to vote regardless of nationality
  • Change how MPs are elected and replace the House of Lords
  • Scrap of anti-protest laws

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Workers' Rights and Employment

  • Begin transition to four-day working week across all sectors with no loss of pay
  • Ban zero-hours contracts
  • Immediately repeal anti-trade union laws
  • Give private sector employees the right to buy the company they work for

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