The Green Party of England and Wales published its General Election Manifesto, 'Real Hope. Real Change.' on Wednesday 12th June.

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This is what it says about the issues that students, apprentices and young people care about.

You can find summaries of all of the parties' manifestos here. Unsure about who to vote for? Use the NUS Vote Matcher to see which parties you agree with most.


What the Manifesto says on...


Universities and Student Funding

  • Get rid of tuition fees for undergraduates
  • Bring back maintenance grants for all students
  • Cancel graduate debt in the long term

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Colleges, Apprenticeships and Skills

  • Bring back the Education Maintenance Grant for college and sixth form students
  • Pay apprentices at least the living wage instead of the lower £6.40 apprentice minimum wage
  • Make sure every college has a mental health counsellor
  • Invest £12bn in skills and lifelong education and £3bn in sixth forms

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International Students and Migration

  • Give migrants access to public funds such as student support and benefits
  • Allow international students to bring family members to the UK
  • End the hostile environment policy

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The Cost of Living, Pay and Benefits

  • £15-an-hour minimum wage regardless of age (currently £11.44, and less for under-21s)
  • Long-term vision of a universal basic income
  • Free bus travel for under-18s
  • Increase Universal Credit by £40 a week

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The NHS, Health and Wellbeing

  • Oppose NHS privatisation
  • Ensure everyone can access mental health therapies within 28 days
  • £28bn to reduce waiting times, guarantee access to an NHS dentist and boost staff pay
  • £20bn to introduce free personal social care

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Housing and Renting

  • Stop landlords being able to evict you through no fault of your own
  • Implement rent controls if rents are unaffordable to local people
  • Build 150,000 new social homes each year
  • Private Residential Tenancy Boards to resolve disputes

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Climate and Energy

  • £40bn to decarbonise the energy system by 2030
  • Wind to provide 70% of energy by 2030
  • Stop all new fossil fuel extractions and cancel recently issued fossil fuel licences
  • Phase out nuclear power

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Rights, Equality and Liberation

  • Make misogyny a hate crime and new strategy to tackle gender-based violence
  • Right to self-identification for trans and non-binary people
  • Extend pay gap protections to all protected characteristics
  • Scrap the Prevent programme

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Society, Democracy and Young People

  • Votes for 16- and 17-year-olds in all elections and scrap voter ID
  • Give anyone who lives in the UK legally the right to vote regardless of nationality
  • Change how MPs are elected and replace the House of Lords
  • Rejoin Erasmus+ for young people to study, work and live abroad

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Workers' Rights and Employment

  • Move to a four-day working week
  • Give all workers equal rights from day one of employment
  • Introduce a ‘Charter of Workers’ Rights’ with the right to strike at its heart

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