NUS UK reaffirms its support of trans people in wake of Cass Review

NUS UK reaffirms its support of trans people in wake of Cass Review

A message to trans and non-binary students from NUS UK Vice President, Nehaal Bajwa, and NUS Scotland President, Ellie Gomersall.

The Cass Review, an independent report on gender health services for young people in England that has been almost four years in the making, was published this week.  

We understand how this adds to an already challenging time for trans and nonbinary young people. The language and the potential implications of the report may cause concern. We wanted to say: we unequivocally stand with trans and nonbinary young people and their right to access adequate, timely healthcare and lifesaving social and medical transition. 

We’ll be getting together at NUS Liberation conference next week to discuss what we can do in our communities to organise for a better healthcare system, one where people can get the support they need, on time. Trans people should be trusted to make decisions about their own healthcare, not treated separately or forced to jump through hoops that others don’t face to access the same care. 

We recently gathered dozens of experiences from trans and nonbinary students and learners about social transition, to inform our response to the government’s guidance for Schools and Colleges. You can sign up to support our campaign demanding new guidance that actually supports trans and nonbinary youth.  


In solidarity, 

Nehaal Bajwa, NUS UK Vice President Liberation and Equality

Ellie Gomersall, NUS Scotland President

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