Student Renters' Hub

As the cost-of-living crisis continues, evictions and rents are on the rise.

A nationwide housing shortage is pushing students into ever more desperate situations, and rogue landlords might exploit inexperienced students who have never rented before by acting illegally.

NUS believes that every student has the right to affordable and secure housing.

We have brought together a range of resources to help student renters in England know and enforce their rights as tenants.

Your Students' Union Advice team is a great to go for advice and support.


Introduction and the Basics

There are loads of organisations and charities out there dedicated to helping tenants know their rights and helping them in disputes with landlords.

Generation Rent - Campaign fighting for renters' rights

Know Your Rights page including FAQs

Factsheet sign up page for information on evictions, repaits, tenancies and more

Check out the Renters' Rights Webinars

Directory of organisations that can provide expert advice

Shelter - Charity campaigning on tenant rights

An overview of the things you should know as a student tenant

Top tips for student renting

Citizens Advice - Provides independent advice on issues including housing

Information for students in university accommodation e.g. halls

Information for students in private rented accommodation e.g. house shares


Signing a Contract and Moving In

Unipol, the student housing charity which provides help and assistance to student renters, as well as providing housing in a number of UK cities, has useful resources.

A guide to moving in and out of properties

Video: What you should know before signing a tenancy contract

Video: A guide to getting your deposit back



You might be worried about evictions during the cost of living crisis. Shelter has lots of resources on evictions, including:

How to deal with illegal eviction

How to deal with rent arrears

How to get help from your local council


Rent, Bills and Housing Costs

Your rights if your landlord wants to increase your rent

What increased energy bills mean in bills-included accommodation

SOS-UK Homes Fit for Study Resources on housing and energy use

SOS-UK Webinar - How to keep warm in winter



Want to make a complaint about your landlord? Check out this page on the Codes of Standards for university Halls of Residence, this page for non-university Halls of Residence and this page if you are renting from a private landlord.  


Tenants' Unions

Being part of a tenants' union is a great way is a great way to further understand your rights as a renter and to organise collectively with other renters.

There are branches of the ACORN tenants' union in towns and cities across the UK, as well as the London Renters' Union in the capital.