Policy Submission

Policies submitted to 2024 Conferences

The policy submission window for 2024 conferences has closed and the following policies have been prioritised through the Priority Ballot:


Policy Submission Guidance

Students and Students’ Unions shape the work of NUS UK. Ideas are submitted by Students’ Unions, and discussed, debated and decided by students representing their Unions at our democratic conferences.

Policy submissions focus on three fundamental questions:

  • What’s the issue and how does it affect students?
  • What are the changes we want to see in society to make this happen?
  • What action could NUS, students and SUs take to work on this?

We also ask proposers to think about the impact of the policy proposal across different groups of students and across liberation groups, education settings, and impact on devolved settings.

For further information on the NUS policy formation process and the principles behind it, head to this page.

Policy submissions for all Conferences are now closed.


Who can submit policy to NUS?

All Students’ Unions can submit one policy proposal to each conference they send reps to.


What has changed this year?

This year, in response to feedback, DPC have agreed some minor changes to the information required on submission and have created more opportunities for proposers and delegates to input in the policy process ahead of Conference. This will aid engagement ahead of Conference, thereby strengthening policy and the discussions we can have at Conference.

We have retained the impact assessment put into place last year.

Members will recall that in previous years we asked for a 700 word submission. Members may still submit this as additional information if they wish, but it is in no way expected. You can also submit background info which could be references, discussions you have had in your union or whatever you wish. The idea here is to be more flexible to members.

What we really want is an idea from members which is the “jumping off point”. This idea then gets discussed by conference and shaped into a final policy, which is voted on by delegates. What you submit at the start of the process will go through a process where it is re-shaped and re-written by delegates and DPC.

We know some members may not have a ‘fully formed’ policy submission and, if anything, that’s encouraged! You may just want to submit some thoughts or ideas on what should be discussed at conference.

Much of the process of policy review remains the same as previous years. What we are trying to encourage is that what is submitted to conference is less prescriptive.


What happens to the policy once submitted?

After the close of policy submissions, DPC and steering will review to see if there are areas where the same subject is submitted and, in consultation with proposers, composite policies that are agreed to be based on similar ideas – these discussions will take place in workshops which are open to policy proposers and delegates. These online sessions will give all proposers and delegates the opportunity to get engaged in discussions about proposed ideas ahead of conference. The details of the sessions are further down this page.

We’ll be in touch to get you signed up for a session in due course! Once you’ve signed up, make sure to get those who you think might be interested involved.

Ultimately, the aim is to show conference through a debate guide and impact assessment what you want to see debated and where there are further areas for conference to debate and decide on.

Click here to download a template where you can see the format finalised proposals (at the very end of the policy process) to be voted on at Conference will take.

Ideas will then go through a priority ballot, where delegates will choose which policies they most want to discuss at Conference.

At Conference, delegates discuss the ideas, forming the finalised policy which is the written up by DPC/Steering (along with any potential amendments), and voted on by delegates.


What about debating at conference?

We believe that the deliberative policy process worked well in letting delegates have important discussions about policies at Conference last year.

We are going to provide some more support for our DPC members and facilitators ahead of Conference this year, making sure they feel fully supported and prepared to guide conversations at Conference.


Union Council meetings

If you are required to have policies submitted to NUS Conferences approved by your student body and have a Union Council or AGM scheduled for after the date of submission, please let us know. If you are able to submit a policy by the deadline you can then let us know the outcome of your Union’s vote, including any amendments. The deadline is set when it is to give committees time to review the policies in the round and to plan, and get delegates engaged in what is to be discussed at the Conference with plenty of time.


Policy submission workshops were held:



NUS Scotland Conference

22 January, 3:30-5pm

NUS National Conference (1 of 2)

24 January, 4-6pm

NUS Wales Conference

26 January, 3:30-5pm

NUS Liberation Conference

1 February, 4-6pm

NUS-USI Conference

2 February, 3:30-5pm

NUS National Conference (2 of 2)

5 February, 4-6pm


If you have any questions about this, please email [email protected]