Liberation Conference Policy - Supporting Trans Rights

Supporting Trans Rights

You can download the full set of submissions on this topic here.

Which Students’ Unions have been involved in proposing?
University of Sheffield Students' Union and University College Birmingham Guild of Students

What’s the issue and how does it affect students?
We’ve received proposals from two members about the rights of Trans students. UCB Guild discusses how students are at the forefront of challenging societal oppression and the role the student movement has taken in oganising for trans inclusion. Sheffield SU go on to discuss the challenges faced by trans students including access to trans healthcare and the process of transitioning. It also discusses the recent challenge by the Westminster government of the Scottish Government’s Gender Recognition Act. Finally UCB Guild discusses the false conflict between cis women and trans women, noting that we have organised collectively within the student movement.

What changes would we like to see in society to change this?
The changes advocated for in the policy proposals are:
An expansion of gender neutral facilities and dysphoria-relieving products to be provided in FE colleges and HE campuses
Movement -wide opposition to the UK Government’s blocking of Scotland's Gender Recognition Act.
An instiution-wide definition of transphobia, and establishment of an NUS trans policy.
Specific support for trans students in improving their mental health and wellbeing
Campaigning that ensures that social transitions are simple and accessible for trans students
Making sure educational institutions understand their duty of care to protect trans students and to stop allowing transphobia in education under the guise of ‘freedom of speech’
Universities and colleges to meaningfully engaged with their student body to ensure their education spaces are free from harm and bigotry
Students’ Unions to be equipped and supported to challenge transphobia.

Impact Assessment

How does it impact FE students / Apprentices?
Although the proposals below address a number of HE specific issues they apply equally to FE and apprentices. Their voices should be heard in discussions to build on this proposal.

How does it impact on International Students, Postgraduate Students, Part Time and Mature Students?
Neither proposal notes specific impacts but the voices of these students should be heard within debates.

How does it impact on black, disabled, LGBT+, trans and women students?
Both proposals consider this applies across all liberation caucuses. As this is specifically about trans students their voices should be centred in any policy discussion and debate at conference.

Does this apply across the UK or specifically in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland?
This applies across the UK. The specific matter which relates to devolved powers is the Scottish Government’s Gender Recognition Act. Any discussion of approach to this should involve delegates from Scottish based students unions and associations with thought given to how relates to the work of NUS Scotland.