Liberation Conference Policy - Safe Access

Safe Access to Abortion Services

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Which Students’ Unions have been involved in proposing?
University of Stirling Students' Union

What’s the issue and how does it affect students?
Anti-abortion protests in the UK date back to 1990s, where anti-abortion groups would protest outside of hospitals and clinics with explicit and distressing images.
In the last five years there has been a notable upturn in the number, frequency, persistence and vigour of anti-choice groups, with significant increases from April and May 2022 seeing the largest numbers of engagement so far.
That following the overturning of Roe v. Wade on the 24th of June 2022 there has been an increase in anti-choice activity outside sexual health clinics and hospitals throughout the UK.

What changes would we like to see in society to change this?
That Student Unions across the UK would take part in campaigning in support of students’ rights to access abortions services safely, undertaking work to educate students on abortion services and destigmatise abortions in their Student Union communities. To ensure that there is an active effort to tackle misinformation spread by anti-abortion groups.

Impact Assessment

How does it impact FE students / Apprentices?

How does it impact on International Students, Postgraduate Students, Part Time and Mature Students?

How does it impact on black, disabled, LGBT+, trans and women students?
These protests target students and have a direct and harmful impact on marginalised students (in particular women and people in the LGBT+ community) accessing sexual and reproductive healthcare across the country. Many sexual health clinics also support trans students with their gender affirming healthcare.

Does this apply across the UK or specifically in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland?
Work around access to abortion services is different across the UK, the challenges and negative effect anti-choice groups have on students is the same everywhere. Each nation needs to campaign in support of safe access to abortion services as it is relevant to their students.