Elections - Liberation Conference 2023

Could you be one of our volunteers?

Elections to committee positions are one of the ways students shape, and scrutinise our collective campaigning work. At conferences this year there will be a number of elections to committee positions at NUS.

Positions being elected at Liberation Conference

  • Liberation Steering Committee 
  • Liberation Campaign Committee 

Committee positions' key focus are on building and growing our democracy, scrutiny and oversight, campaigning support.

Building and growing our democracy – Liberation Steering Committee

These committee positions are all about making sure students are an active part of decision making at NUS. Our democracy committees lead our thinking on new models of democracy and how we implement these at NUS. They oversee our conferences and processes for generating ideas from students and students' unions. They make sure that our democracy runs efficiently and is constantly evolving, incorporating the latest thinking on participatory democracy, restorative justice and collective care. Each year we elect members of these committees in across the four nations and in our National and Liberation spaces.

Read the Role Profile here

Campaign support – Liberation Campaign Committee

In our Liberation Conference, a committee is elected to support the VP Liberation and Equality in delivering on Liberation Campaigns. These members facilitate and sustain the Liberation Student Campaigners Network for each liberation group, where students, sabbs, and SUs can share with, learn from, and support each other in their work. There are five positions representing Black*, Disabled, LGBT+, Trans and Women students
*Black is an inclusive term NUS uses to denote people of African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean heritage.

Read the Role profile here


Getting Elected

All volunteer roles are elected at one of our conferences, taking place in March and April. At those conferences, delegates from across the country will vote on who they want to sit on these committees. So what happens with elections and what do you need to do to get on the ballot?
First, you need to nominate yourself. As long as you are a student or a sabbatical officer and you are at a Union affiliated to NUS (that's over 95% of all Students' Unions) then you can put yourself forward. You'll be asked to provide details about yourself and a short candidate statement.

You can submit your nomination here

All candidates should read the Information Pack here


Election Rules

You can view the full elections rules here which govern these elections.


Re-Open Nominations (RON)

Re-Open Nominations or 'RON' is a democratic mechanism to allow voters to choose not to elect any of the candidates in the election. If RON wins the election, then nominations will re-open and this will give more people the chance to stand for the position

In order to run a Re-Open Nominations (RON) campaign, you must do this using our online form by the deadline. Deadlines will be published on the agenda.

Challenge Nominations 

Please email [email protected] to challenge nominations. Deadlines will be published on the agenda.



If you wish to submit a complaint about a candidate, you must use this online form to do so. Please provide your details, the details of the rule you believe the candidate has broken, and any evidence you may have. All complaints must be submitted by the close of voting.


Nominations Close

Nominations for Liberation Steering Committee and Liberation Campaigns Committee will close at the close of official business (6pm) on Day 1 of Liberation Conference.

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