Liberation Campaigns Committee

Each year, a Liberation Campaign Committee is elected at the Liberation Conference. It is made up of one member elected at each of the Liberation Caucuses (Black, Women, Disabled, Trans and LGBTQ+) and serves a one-year term. The Liberation Campaign Committee supports and scrutinise the VP Liberation and Equality in the interests of the caucus they represent, and in enacting the policy of liberation caucuses and Liberation Conference.

Meet this year's committee and learn how to get involved with the projects they're leading right now:



Lilian Ugboaja
Women Students Place

As a female international student pursuing a Master's degree in Nursing at Huddersfield University, I am honored to serve as a Student Union Rep and a member of the Liberation Campaigns Committee (Women's Place). With a strong background in advocating for student affairs and promoting democratic practices, I am committed to supporting the delivery of our campaigns and fostering a sense of community among students in the NUS. I am passionate about the power of collective voices and believe that by working together as a team, we can achieve extraordinary outcomes. 

I hope to as a Liberation campaigns committee member help to make policies that would help improve student experience in the UK.

Lilian's project you can get involved with is creating a network of groups and students working on women's rights to work together at a national level and support local activities. 

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Black Students Place

Hi there! I'm Aaron, a Computing and Graphic Design graduate from the University of East Anglia, and I've been the Welfare, Community and Diversity officer for my Students Union for the past 2 years. I am passionate about long-lasting meaningful change and have led on and supported many campaigns over the years. I aim to support Black and Brown students across the UK to feel seen, heard and truly supported.

I want to make a difference for Black and Brown students in the UK, to make sure they are heard, supported and seen especially those with intersectional identities.

Some of the activities Aaron has led so far are the Reflecting on Black History Month article and a series of workshops to update the Black Students Campaign Name which you can join here

His next project you can get involved with is creating a series of resources on Cultiral Appreciation, Not Appropriation to support Students' Unions in recognising cultural days and events in a way that’s fair with students and don’t make them carry the burden.

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Trans Students Place

Hi, I’m Gigi- I’m a Music Industries Management at Leeds Beckett University; last year, I worked as their Trans Student Community Leader, and the Student Academic Representative Assistant for Leeds School of Arts. In my spare time, I run a local arts collective, platforming musicians, poets and a plethora of other disciplines to larger mainstream audiences; ensuring fair pay and equal opportunities for all marginalised communities in my local area.

I hope to bring a broad intersectional perspective to the campaign committee and dedicate my attention to ensuring that all trans students across the UK are represented the best we can, ensuring as many voices are heard in our campaigning at the NUS.

Gigi's project you can get involved with is creating a network of officers that are trans/nonbinary and chat before Conference. A specific idea is having a dedicated caucus session for trans people of colour in the run-up to conference. 

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LGBTQ+ Students Place

Taj is a Bermudian student and activist studying Global Health & Social Medicine at King’s College London. Taj, as the President of KCLGBT+ and LGBTQ+ Network Chair, is well known at KCLSU for being involved in and advocating for all things LGBTQ+ related. Outside of KCL, Taj is an avid opinion writer and regularly contributes to news publications in Bermuda on LGBTQ+ issues.

I hope to learn more about how the NUS operates. I am also keen to work with the other elected students to put together some meaningful campaigns.

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Disabled Students Place


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These are some of the ideas the committee has discussed in terms of what they want to do this year