Response to Labour announcement on higher education funding

Response to Labour announcement on higher education funding

Responding to the Labour Party’s announcement on higher education and its commitment to reform the student funding system, NUS Vice President Liberation and Equality, Nehaal Bajwa, said:

"We welcome the commitment by Labour today to reform the university funding system to be fairer. It acknowledges how broken the system has become and the burden it places on students, especially low earners.

"When millions in the UK are facing cost of living pressures, the priority must be delivering immediate action to get money back in students' pockets. Our cost of living campaign has highlighted the real hardship students are suffering in Colleges and Universities across the UK.

"But the challenge is providing a future vision for education which goes further, providing lifelong access and opportunity for learners, where financial burdens don’t cause students to regularly use food banks or drop out because they can’t afford to get to class.

"Today’s students become our future nurses, teachers, entrepreneurs, engineers and leaders. We believe we can go further to build a better society for everyone. We stand ready and committed to help achieve that."

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