Can I Vote? tool student email template

Hi [name],

Did you know that some international student in the UK are eligible to vote in the upcoming General Election on Thursday, 4th July?

British citizensIrish citizens and qualifying Commonwealth citizens will be eligible to vote as long as they are registered to vote and have valid photo ID.

That means students from more than 70 countries and territories including India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Malaysia will be able to vote.

So the National Union of Students have set up a quick and simple tool for you to check if you are eligible to vote.

Simply follow the above link and enter your nameaddressnationality and UK postcode while studying and NUS will tell you if you're eligible to vote in UK elections - including the upcoming General Election.

If you are eligible to vote, you should do two things:

1) Register to vote at your current UK address. Register by midnight on Tuesday 18th June for the General Election on 4th July.

2) Apply for free voter ID by Thursday 20th June. You need to show valid photo ID to vote in some UK elections, including General Elections.