Workshop 2/3: What brings us together? Let’s chat within our own communities

Friday, December 08, 2023 at 12:30 PM



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Camilo Torres Baragán

Our first workshop to update the Black* Campaign name was open for everyone and we had a dialogue with people of diverse backgrounds. Now,  we'll have a chance to revisit some of these themes within our own communities. We encourage you to start a dialogue during the next two weeks with people whom you share identity with in terms of ethnicity, nationality, religion or experience.

This can either be supported by us, with a similar workshop format as the first event, or can be compleely hosted by you. It can also be just an in person casual meeting, a group chat, a mood board, or basically any space you want to share with your commity to discuss some of the conclusions from our first workshop. 

Remember that this is one of three workshops to update the name of the Black* Students Campaign at NUS.

If you want to organise or join one of these spaces, sign up and we'll get in touch with you. 


*The term ‘Black’ is currently used by the NUS to refer to African, Asian, Arab and Caribbean people and those who self-define as Black. However, we welcome students from any other racially minoritised or racialised background such as POC and Global Majority.

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