Student Power at Work x Organise Now

Students, apprentices, and young people in general are among the most exploited at work and have the most to gain from knowing their rights. 

That is why we at NUS UK are partnering with Organise Now, which is a worker-to-worker organising support project that helps workers connect with more experienced reps and organisers to help you tackle the realities of horrible bosses, poor pay, and precarious jobs! 

At NUS, we highlight that students aren't just learners – we're workers too. This makes our involvement with Organise Now not just appropriate, but essential. As part of a dynamic collaboration with unions and campaigns like ASLEF, BFAWU, Strike Map, and Notes From Below, we're amplifying the voice of student workers across the UK.

Our "My Present, Our Future" campaign underscores this ethos: while students represent the present, we're undeniably shaping everyone’s future. As we transition into key roles post-graduation, it’s crucial that we champion workplace rights from the get-go.

We stand neutral, not favouring any political party, union, or worker organisation. Still, our commitment is unwavering – to guide our peers towards the union that best aligns with their aspirations and situations. Together, let's ensure the present is acknowledged and the future, organised.

Remember it's workers organising in their trade unions who won more pay, holidays on weekends, and so much more. Less than 15% of workers under 30 are part of a union. Let’s change that. Sign up with Organise Now today and let’s get organised! Use the Organise Now website today to get help with your organising - or join their volunteer team.  

Here's how it works. 

Step 1: Go to 

Step 2: Complete the organising help form 

Step 3: In 72 hours you’ll get a call from one of their volunteer organisers - so you can get organising at work! 

If you are a student union leader/student/organiser/activist/worker and are looking to organise at your workplace access the Organise Now guide here

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