Students express their solidarity with junior doctors striking today

Students express their solidarity with junior doctors striking today

Junior doctors are beginning their 5 day strike action over pay dispute with the government.

The National Union of Students has released a statement in support of junior doctors, who are striking over pay erosion and deteriorating working conditions. 

According to the British Medical Association: 

  • More than 50% of junior doctors have had difficulties paying their utility bills 
  • Nearly 50% have had to borrow money from family 
  • Around 80% have had to reduce the amount they spend on food shopping and cut down the amount of heating they use 
  • 79% of junior doctors say they often think about leaving the NHS 
  • More than 85% know other junior doctors who have left to work in a different profession or work as a doctor in a different country in the last 12 months 

As part of the Manifesto for our Future, students are campaigning for a sustainably funded NHS which values all of its employees. They also endorse the reintroduction of grants and bursaries for medical, nursing and midwifery students, to incentivise people to train in healthcare-related professions and strengthen our NHS. 


Commenting, Nehaal Bajwa, NUS UK Vice President Liberation and Equality, said: 

 “Students are in solidarity with junior doctors as recent graduates and invaluable members of our community. No one should be in a constant battle to make ends meet. 

“Our NHS is a vital and highly valued part of our society. The fact that 79% of junior doctors regularly think about leaving the NHS should be reason enough for the government to meet junior doctors’ demands. 

“The persistent underfunding of the NHS is inhumane to most people, who need its services, and unacceptable. Students and learners will not stand for it. We are 10% of the voting population and have the power to make real change in the upcoming General Election. 

“Our Manifesto for our Future sets out what students want to see in the next General Election, and a properly funded NHS is a main priority for us.” 

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