NUS respond to IFS research into student living costs

NUS respond to IFS research into student living costs

Commenting on the Institute for Fiscal Studies’ research which reveals that student living cost support has fallen to a historic low, NUS UK President Larissa Kennedy said: 

"We're in a student cost of living crisis, which is pushing us to the brink. 

"We’re hearing from students who are working 3 jobs to make ends meet, who can’t even afford to travel to their university library, and who are cutting back on cooking food due to spiralling energy costs. 

"Our research has shown that thousands more are relying on foodbanks and buy now, pay later loans from companies like Klarna.  

"Rather than pressing ahead with plans which seek to gatekeep education from marginalised communities and will cost current students and graduates £35 billion over the next five years. The Government needs to listen to students, unfreeze the parental earnings threshold and dramatically increase the level of maintenance support on offer for all students.  

"Students aren't cash cows. We are at breaking point, and we're desperate for something radically different". 

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