LGBT+ History Month

February marks LGBT+ History Month, a month-long celebration of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (and other identities) history and rights.

Here are some ideas for students and students' unions to help you mark LGBT+ History Month:

  • Join your LGBT+ Society!
  • Consider creating well-being workshops or safe spaces for networking and celebrating LGBT+ students at your instituion.
  • Raise awareness! Invite a local charity to your institution to talk about LGBT+ history and highlight its importance.
  • Host a clothes swap! With the rising cost of living, students who are transitioning to live in their gender might not be able to afford new clothing. Setting up a clothes swap is easy, convenient, fun and engages a wide range of students.
  • Plan and start a campaign! If you feel like there's something lacking in your instituion or SU, consider starting a campaign e.g. for gender neutral bathrooms.


We've uploaded some LGBT+ guides and resources for students who are interested in activism but don't know where to start.



Building Anti-Racist LGBT+ Spaces (2019)


QTIPOC (Queer, Trans, Intersex People of Colour) Engagement Toolkit (2017)


Setting up a Hate Crime Reporting Centre: A short guide for Students' Unions (2016/17)



Under Construction: A guide to becoming bi-inclusive for student activists and officers (2016)



Out in Sport: Supporting trans students in sport in further and higher education (2015)



LGBT students’ experience in higher education (2014)


In the coming weeks we'll be launching a database to pool together ongoing liberation campaigns that different Students' Unions are working on.

We'll also be holding networking events for students and officers to talk about Liberation campaigns together over the next few months - so watch this space!