Information about antisemitism

Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities. 

Antisemitic discrimination under UK law is the denial to Jews of opportunities or services available to others.  

Antisemitic hate crimes are criminal acts where the targets of the acts (people, buildings, locations, monuments etc) have been selected because they are Jewish or are perceived to be Jewish or linked to Jews. 

NUS uses the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Definition of Antisemitism. This can be found in full here. 

Reporting antisemitism 

Here are some of the main ways that students can report antisemitism: 

To the Union of Jewish Students (UJS): 

  • If you are seeking advice on how to deal with an incident, victim support or are unsure where may be the best place to report it, contact UJS who will be able to help navigate the next steps.  
  • You can call UJS on 020 7424 3288, email [email protected], or contact one of their sabbatical officers 

To a university or college:  

  • If you’re unsure approach your personal tutor, Student Services, or a member of staff you trust 
  • Search for the following terms on your uni/college website: ‘hate crime reporting’, ‘reporting antisemitism’, ‘incident reporting’, or ‘make a complaint’ 

To a students’ union: 

  • If you’re unsure contact the Advice Service or Advice Centre at your Students’ Union or use the generic SU email address e.g. info@.... or enquiries@... 
  • Search for the following terms on your SU website: ‘hate crime reporting’, ‘report antisemitism’, or ‘make a complaint’ 
  • You can also contact a senior person in your SU – for example the SU President or a senior member of staff like the CEO  

To NUS: 

If you have experienced an incident of abuse, harassment, discrimination, bullying or intimidation in an NUS space or an NUS event you can report this through any of the following routes: 

  • At most NUS events there will be an ‘Info Point’ as well as a ‘Conference Phone Number’ you can call – you can report an incident in either of these places 
  • You can make a complaint under the NUS Code of Conduct here 

To the Community Security Trust (CST): 

  • Information about reporting to CST is here 
  • Or call the 24 hour CST National Emergency Number 0800 032 3263 

Hate Crime Reporting: 

  • Report a hate crime to the police here 
  • If the crime is not an emergency call 101 

Call 999 if you’re reporting a crime that’s in progress or if someone is in immediate danger. 


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