How We Work

NUS has five policy zones covering broad areas of issues affecting students:

Policy zones

  • Further Education

  • Higher Education

  • Society and Citizenship

  • Union Development

  • Welfare

The role of each zone is to lead a portfolio of work, enable in-depth and wide ranging research and discussion on issues important to students, and deliver campaigns and work programmes relevant to that area.

Each zone is led by a vice president elected at the NUS National Conference and a committee elected at the Zone Conference held in late October.


There are four liberation campaigns that exist autonomously within NUS to defend the rights of marginalised and underrepresented groups.

Being autonomous means each liberation campaign hosts their own annual conference and determines their own policy.


NUS works across the UK on individual education needs of each nation. Find out more about our activities in:

Charity and commercial services

Completing the NUS Group is NUS Charitable Services and NUS Services Ltd. These specialised entities focus on maximising benefit to students' unions.