Candidates for NUS Vice President Higher Education Announced

The Deputy Returning Officer (DRO) is pleased to announce the provisional candidate list for the position of NUS Vice President Higher Education.

Voting will open online on Monday 8 April at 12pm and close on Thursday 11 April at 12pm.

Voting is open to NUS reps registered to attend NUS National Conference 2024.

The winning candidate is due to be announced on Friday 12 April 2024.

NUS National Conference takes place on Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 April 2024.


The candidates are:



Tammika Chambers
London Metropolitan University Students' Union

picture of Tammika Chambers

Nominated by the following students / sabbatical officers at member unions:

  • Manpreet Kaur, London Metropolitan University Students' Union 
  • Amira Campbell, University of Birmingham Guild of Students 
  • Sharna Ntim, University of East London Students' Union 
  • Shaniyah Inglis barbosa, Middlesex University Students' Union 
  • Nadiya Laamin, St Mary's University Students' Union 
  • Abiola Cares, Sheffield Hallam Students' Union 
  • Renae Louis-Marie Richards, Nottingham Trent Students' Union 

I am Tammika Chambers, and I am honoured to stand as a candidate for the role of NUS Vice President of Education. With a background in education, motherhood, and advocacy, I bring a unique perspective and deep commitment to enhancing the student experience. As your VP Education, I will prioritize addressing the cost of living crisis, supporting international students, decolonizing the curriculum, and prioritizing mental health and well-being. With your support, I am dedicated to advocating for policies that promote equity, inclusivity, and empowerment within our education system. Together, let's create a brighter future for all students.

Read Tammika's manifesto here

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Steve Chapman
University of Sheffield Students' Union

Picture of Steve Chapman

Nominated by the following students / sabbatical officers at member unions:

  • Andrew Peak, Northumbria Students' Union 
  • Eric Fileman, University of Sheffield Students' Union 
  • Michael John Landy, Sheffield Hallam Students' Union 
  • Steven Ellis, Students' Union UCL 
  • Abel Harvey-Clark, SOAS Students' Union 
  • Will Everdell, Falmouth & Exeter Students' Union 
  • Christopher Slater, Liverpool Guild of Students 

Read Steve's manifesto here

Higher Education is in crisis, we as students face financial difficulties, and graduate with an enormous debt burden, meanwhile the funding model that creates this nightmare means that universities are underfunded leading to course closures and precarity for education workers. I’m a socialist, an internationalist, we have to fight exploitation and oppression wherever it appears. I’m running for VPHE because I want to build a strong, democratic, fighting student movement that can be at the forefront of radical social change. Vote Steve Chapman #1 for VPHE for Free Education, Anti Cuts, and a Democratic movement.

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Aminul I. 
University of Gloucestershire Students' Union

picture of Aminul I

Nominated by the following students / sabbatical officers at member unions:

  • Shafi Ahmed, NewVIc Student Union 
  • Arpan Ghosh, Oxford Brookes Students' Union 
  • Alpesh Prajapati, University of Gloucestershire Students' Union 
  • Saikat Das, University of Wolverhampton Students' Union 
  • Md Mahamudul Hasan, University of South Wales Students' Union 
  • Ahsanul Hoque Sakib, Roehampton Students' Union 
  • Rinky Sharma, Chester Students' Union 

I am ‘Aminul’ running for the position of VPHE for NUS and doing research for Data Science at the University of Gloucestershire. Research publications mostly associated with BCS, Royal Statistical Society, and IEEE. I will bring all my achievements, expertise, and experiences to serve you the BEST.
I worked for:
Oxford Brookes Union graduate student representative (2021-22)
Trustee (2022-23)
Rotaract (Rotary International) Club President (2013) and Director (20219-20) DRR (2020-21)
Course Representative in Undergraduate Education
Class Rep in Elementary, Junior, and High Schools, and College.

In my leisure time, I love to volunteer for charity, and travel.

Read Aminul's manifesto here.

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Fortune Sampson
City, University of London Students' Union

picture of Fortune Sampson

Nominated by the following students / sabbatical officers at member unions:

  • Rachael Okoh, University of Strathclyde Students' Association 
  • Bethel Ekaette, The Students' Union at UWE 
  • Uchechi Agbaraji, Students' Association of the University of the West of Scotland 
  • Ini Essien, King's College London Students' Union 
  • Nkeseabasi Abam, University East Anglia Students' Union 
  • Israel Solomon, London Metropolitan University Students' Union 
  • Mboutidem Ekpo, City, University of London Students' Union 

Having studied Economics (BSc) at the University of Calabar and Financial Economics (MSc) at City University of London, I’ve faced my fair share of challenges which have shaped me into a passionate advocate for students’ rights and welfare as evident in the discharge of my role as City SU Deputy President (education) and current member of the Educational Quality Committee. My vision encapsulates a fair, inclusive and supportive higher educational system. I plan to ensure affordability, quality, mental health, labour market inequalities elimination, closing BAME attainment gap, easing conditions for international students, and more. Fortune Sampson presents you good fortunes.

Read Fortune's manifesto here.

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Alex Stanley 
University of Exeter Students' Guild

Nominated by the following students / sabbatical officers at member unions:

  • Tesnime Safraou, University of Manchester Students' Union 
  • James Relf, London School of Economics and Political Science Students' Union 
  • Emma de Saram, University of Exeter Students' Guild 
  • Angie Flores Acuña, Cardiff University Students' Union 
  • Solomon Cuthbertson, Edinburgh University Students' Association 
  • Dola Doda, University of Sunderland Students' Union 
  • Anna Taylor, Warwick Students' Union 

The NUS needs a fresh start. For fourteen years, we’ve been let down by a government that has put profit over people, while the NUS has shouted from the sidelines. In Exeter, I’ve helped introduce a housing guarantor scheme, fight against the University’s partnership with Shell and delivered hundreds-of-thousands in industrial action compensation. With your support, I want to give power back to students through devolution, paid action groups and mass mobilisation. By empowering students, we can fight on real issues like ending the exploitation of international and postgraduate students, combatting the housing crisis and making our sector financially accessible.

Read Alex's manifesto here.

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Nathan Wyatt
University East Anglia Students' Union

picture of Nathan Wyatt

Nominated by the following students / sabbatical officers at member unions:

  • Luke Johnson, University East Anglia Students' Union 
  • Dan Lonsdale, Durham Students' Union 
  • Hannah Catterall, Leeds University Union 
  • Steve Jackson, University of Sussex Students' Union 
  • Katie Pickard, University Of Suffolk Students' Union 
  • Reece Lee, Norwich University of the Arts Students' Union 
  • Rosie Freeman, Cambridge University Students' Union 

I'm Nathan Wyatt, and I am running for NUS Vice-President Higher Education! Students today face unaffordable rents, maintenance loans that don’t cover basic expenses, and a higher education system driven by profits over purpose. But it doesn’t have to be this way! My experience as a Welfare Officer and activist has shown me the power of grassroots organising. I will stand with students to push for change through activism, policy, and community building. Vote Nathan #1 for VPHE to amplify students' voices in the fight for free education, affordable housing, maintenance increases, and an education system that works for all!

Read Nathan's manifesto here.

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Re-open Nominations

If you wish to cast a vote, but do not want to vote for any of the other remaining candidates for this position, then you can express your desire to reopen the nominations process. If any position is not filled by a candidate, but instead Reopen nominations is declared the winner, there will be a fresh opportunity for candidates to be nominated and the election for the position in question to be re-run.

Campaigning for RON must be accountable and RON campaigns are governed by these election rules. Only registered RON campaigners may run a RON campaign. In order to register to run a Re-Open Nominations (RON) campaign, you must do this by emailing [email protected] no later than 24 hours before polls open.