Dear Rishi Sunak: your voting laws won’t stop young people from having their say. Signed:

Dear Rishi Sunak,

In your first speech of 2023, you promised to “build [a] better future for our children and grandchildren”. But since then, you’ve made it nothing but harder for young people’s voices to be heard in the upcoming election.

You made it illegal for universities to block-register students on the electoral roll. And you introduced new voter ID laws which you were warned would hit young people the hardest. We won’t stand for this.

Our student volunteers are stepping up to encourage thousands of their peers to register to vote, and raise awareness so that every student has access to a valid ID and doesn’t get caught out on election day.

We won’t be silenced by your restrictions. There are thousands of us ready to do what it takes so students can have their say over their futures – because it’s our votes that will make the difference.

Nothing will stop us from having our say in the next election. Sign now to tell Rishi Sunak we WILL be casting our votes >>

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