Vote Pledge Resources

NUS has launched a Vote Pledge for students and young people to sign. When a student signs the pledge, NUS will send them all the information they need ahead of election day to be able to Turn Up.

We are asking NUS UK members to share the Vote Pledge far and wide so that as many students as possible get the information they need.

We've set up a leaderboard so you can see how your SU is doing at recruiting students in real time. Share your SU's unique link to track your performance.


Make sure you share your unique link

We can track how many students your students' union / students' association gets to fill in the pledge, but online if you share your SU / SA's unique link. We've emailed you your link, or you can find a full list here:


Student emails


Social Media Assets


Content for Digital Screens




Why have we launched a vote pledge?

4th July is a complicated date for students for many reasons. Students won't be on campuses. Many of them will have just moved. They might be on holiday.

If we are to get students voting en masse, clear communication of the facts around registration, voter ID, postal and proxy votes, and their voting rights, will be key.


More you can do to get ready to Turn Up


Campaign partners

We want Turn Up to be the biggest student and youth voter registration campaign ever, so we're partnering with organisations to help spread the word!

British Youth Council


Generation Rent

Democracy Classroom


NUS Charity


If you're interested in partnering with NUS UK on the Turn Up campaign, email [email protected].