Live Greener’s time-banking project

Gain rewards and prizes for the hours you spend helping and volunteering on Live Greener sustainability projects across your campus. Every minute you spend volunteering or supporting our campaigns could earn you potential prizes on a local and national level.

Our time banking project simply allows you to bank your Live Greener volunteering hours between 28 January and 30 April 2014, with rewards and prizes handed out in May 2014.

To record your hours online now, just click here! 

Get a time banking card! - Ask for one at the first Live Greener volunteering event you attend. You may also be able to pick one up from your student’s union.

Start collecting hours! - Simply clock hours on your Time Banking card every time you attend a Live Greener training session, help at an event or take part in any Live Greener project on campus. Note what you did, how many hours you gave and get it signed by the person responsible.

Bank your hours online - At the end of each month (to keep it consistent), head to our online Time Bank and log everything you have done. It only takes a few minutes. To record your hours online now, just click here!  

After logging your hours, keep filling an old card, or collect a new one at your next volunteering event. The more you bank, the more chance you have of winning! You can bank your hours between 28 January and 30 April 2014!

Collect your rewards – In May 2014, we will be awarding lots of prizes to various bankers across each University involved in the Live Greener project!

In addition to this, the two students with the highest number of banked hours from each of the 6 participating universities will win an amazing outdoor adventure day in South Wales!

And the institution that banks the most hours in total will win the chance to run a half day workshop on sustainability at the Hay-on-Wye Festival in May!

An incredible opportunity to build your experience even further and have a great time at the festival as a reward for all of your input into the projects! We will announce the winners here in May!

If you have any questions please contact

Happy banking!