National Scrutiny Council

National Scrutiny Council (NSC) members are elected to scrutinise and examine the work of NUS officers and hold them to account. NSC support the work of NUS UK and support the delivery of the Plan for Action. As well as providing scrutiny and oversight, members can get involved in ‘wraparound support’ for officers, ensuring they are effective.

  • Keep in touch with officers and review the Plan for Action
  • Scrutinise the work of NUS board and NUS UK budget
  • Agree with the Officer Executive any emergency policy of NUS UK if needed
  • Hold five online meetings per year to hold officers to account

Current members of the NSC are

Najma Abdi
Muna Ali
Jack Appleby
Tiana Holgate
Lubaba Khalid
Ijlal Khalid
Stephanie Lomas
Khuram Mahmood
Joshua Muirhead
Nahaja Nurani
Adnan Rahman
Hatty Ruddick
Amanda Sefton
Majid Shemsedin
Molly Smallwood
Nazifa Zaman