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Over the past five years, students and young people have been abandoned and let down by the politicians that have claimed to protect our best interests. Trust in politicians has never been lower.

In 2010 hundreds of thousands of students were abandoned by politicians who broke their promise on tuition fees.

The ‘Vote for Students’ pledge saw hundreds of candidates personally promise to students that they would vote against any increase in tuition fees.

Students around the UK believed them and gave them their votes. Then what happened? Once elected, these 30 MPs voted to increase fees as part of a coalition government. A tripling of fees.

They traded lies for power.

And these eight MPs didn’t even bother to turn up to vote against any increase. Taking our votes for granted.  

We are fed up of the cycle of broken promises.

It’s easy to say sorry afterwards. We want politicians we can trust to keep their word.

At this general election, let’s show politicians that they can’t lie and get away with it. And that if we can keep our promises, they should to.

Sign up below and send a message that we want politicians we can trust. We’ll stay in touch with you in the run up to 7 May and in the weeks and months that follow with ways to hold those elected to their promises.

Sign up to our Liar Liar campaign

I want more from our political system and our elected politicians. I want politicians I can trust. And unlike those Liar Liars who broke their pledge on tuition fees, I can keep my promises.

I promise to:

  • Cast my vote on election day
  • Not to vote for a Liar Liar pledge breaker if they are standing in your constituency 
  • Work with us to hold politicians to their word after 7 May.

I’ll vote, but not for Liar Liar politicians! 

Because we don’t want to hear any more apologies.