1st May: Guerrilla Organising Day

This International Workers' Day, why not do a bit of Guerrilla Organising with Organise Now?

Target the shops and restaurants in your local area with your friends; talk to workers; and convince them they could benefit from joining a union!

Organise Now are running two briefing sessions covering everything you need to know to take part - on Sunday 16th April at 2pm & Thursday 20th at 7pm. Sign up on their website before then so you can go along to one of these!

How it works:

Sign up to the Guerrilla May Day on the Organise Now website and you'll get an email inviting you to sign up for one of the briefings. Remember to do this as well!

And also – sign up on this page with NUS, so we can connect you to students / learners you can go along with in your local area 😊 Please add your Students' Union address on the sign up form (not your personal one)! 

We might create a WhatsApp group chat to connect you with others in your area. If you'd like to join please add your number to the form.

Organise Now will send out leaflets and A6 cards for the day – just make sure you let them know when you sign up. 

Remember to share your action on social media #guerrillamayday #studentpoweratwork 

See you there! 

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