Wins for Scottish students

Unlocking Scotland’s Potential

The Scottish government has announced up to 3,400 additional uni places for widening access students and an additional 3,400 for students moving to college to uni.

In Scotland, since 2010 we have secured savings/additional money for students of between £721m and £951m.

The above figure can be broken down into: 

Additional money into universities worth £317m

(76m year one, 105m year two, 135 in 2014/15 - so 317m) 

Additional LOANS into student support of around £350m

145m student support extra (167m extra loans minus cut in bursaries)

Then another 60 (so 205m) in 14/15 - 350m 

Additional money into college budgets of £54m

(15m Budget for Bursaries, 39m for Our Future Our Fight - 54m) 

EMA protected for four years more than down south - 35m x 4 so far - 140m 

Additional money into bursaries that will stop next year (from Supporting a Smarter Scotland consultation) - 90m

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