Wins for Liberation campaigns

Working together, the Liberation campaigns exist to represent students from marginalised groups they include NUS’ Disabled students campaign, Black students campaign, Women’s campaign and LGBT+ campaign.

First elected trans officer position in Europe

We are the first organisation in Europe with a full time elected officer who’s dedicated to defending and lobbying for Trans rights. It means Trans students will have an elected representative and a space to pass policy on issues that affect them within education and in society.

Government’s legal duty to fund vital services for women

Recently the government passed the Instanbul Convention after much campaigning through the #StandByMe initiative. It is the most comprehensive framework that exists to tackle violence against women and young girls. Since the bill passed with an overwhelming majority the government has a legal duty to now fund vital services for women and provide adequate refuges, set up 24-hour helplines and integrate awareness of these issues within our education.

Support provided for SU officers affected by Prevent

There has been tireless work around trying to repeal the government’s Prevent agenda and while we continue to speak out about it we realised that a service that offered support and guidance to those affected currently was necessary. The helpline will be serviced by NUS and officer advice to officers and activists on how to manage situations where Prevent is used to stop events from taking place, when universities are making changes to Prevent-related policy and other related issues.