Impact beyond the movement

Developing young leaders is one of our most important and lasting impacts. There is no organisation in the UK like us with the potential to do so.

It’s hard for us to demonstrate the impact we have on wider society because those leaders we’ve helped shape may not do something incredible until years after they’ve finished in education. 

However, there is a recent campaign that might help illustrate this.

Courtney Giles, a 19 year old student from Warwick University, took on Surrey County Council and won. The council granted complete funding for a youth club for disabled and non-disabled children, which it had previously threatened with closure. 

NUS launched the ‘I am the Change’ programme to encourage students to submit their ideas of what they want to change.

The person whose change received the most votes from other students would then receive dedicated funding and support from NUS. 

Courtney’s ‘Save Epsom Phab’ change was among the highest votes from all over the UK.

Through six months of lobbying and campaigning Courtney, NUS and Epsom Phab secured an extra year in their current premises from Surrey County Council. However Courtney would not give up.

Their perseverance resulted in the agreement for their youth club to remain open in the current premises indefinitely.