Stop and Scrap Universal Credit

Universal Credit is being rolled out across the country, causing financial hardship and mental distress to claimants. 

Disabled students are unable to claim it, cutting them off from money essential to their living costs and forcing them out of education. Women claimants are at increased risk of financial abuse due to payments only being made to one member of a household, and parents and carers are subject to the two child cap. As students, we must resist and campaign for a stop and scrap of Universal Credit which is going to cause such misery and hardship to our members and wider society if it continues to be rolled out.

Join the NUS Disabled Students' Campaign, Women's Campaign and Parents and Carer's Campaign as we join our colleagues at Unite the Union and Unite Community in providing essential training to students and officers across the UK in how to utilise different campaigning methods in order to fight for a stop and scrap of Universal Credit!

Our next Stop and Scrap Universal Credit Training Day is being held in Leeds on Saturday 8 December 10:30am - 5:00pm.

 Room 509, Leeds College of Music, 3 Quarry Hill, Leeds LS2 7PD map 

We are also offering a travel bursary for students from FE unions, apprenticeships and small and specialists who would otherwise not be able to attend - please email if you wish to access this.

Please note that this event will not be catered - please bring your own lunch.

This event is open to all students and officers and is the !