About I Am The Change

I am the Change

It’s very easy for a college or university student to feel unable to change things. You may feel like an insignificant onlooker when it comes to big issues such as global politics, social inequality and racism, or even when it comes to comparatively ‘small’ issues such as student housing, bursaries and career guidance.

But change doesn’t have to be daunting or intimidating. If you make an effort to recycle, you’re saying “I believe in a cleaner world, and I care”. If you refuse to buy clothes from a company that uses child labour, you’re taking a stand against exploitation.

In the United States in the 1950s, a woman one day simply said “No”. She decided that she didn’t want to sit at the back of the bus anymore, and she soon realised that a great many other people didn’t want to, either.

The smallest choices we make all make a difference, and some of them can end up having a bigger effect than we could possibly have imagined.

Be the Change!

That’s why NUS is launching this website to encourage you to Be The Change. Here, you can upload your picture and write details of a positive change you’d like to make.

This change could be about education, the community, the environment, personal development, health and wellbeing, careers or politics – it doesn’t matter what it’s about, or how big it is.

You can also vote for your favourite ideas, and the most popular ones by 18 March 2013 will be in with a chance of receiving training and funding to help deliver the campaign.

Remember to follow us Twitter and join us on Facebook to keep up-to-date with the latest changes. You can even add a "twibbon" to your profile picture here!

Together - WE can make change, Together we can BE that change. So YOU can stand up and say, I AM THE CHANGE.

Be the change

Competition terms

The top changes voted for will be entered into a judging panel made up of officers and staff from NUS. From this shortlist, changes will be select by NUS to receive bespoke support to help facilitate the change. The judging panel will take place and winners will be notified in March 2013. You have up until 18 March to vote for your favourite changes. Judges decision is final. See Terms and Conditions for full competition rules.